Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kosher in Arizona

I was in the Phoenix area of Arizona.  It's relatively well-endowed in terms of kosher restaurants.  I ate in two of them.  For the rest of my meals I relied on raw walnuts, fruit, fresh salad and canned fish.  Oops! I almost left out my favorite, Hagan Daz ice cream, especially the "5 Mint."

There are at least three kosher restaurants there.  I didn't get to the Chabad one, though my neighbor gave it a great recommendation.

A friend took me to the pizza - dairy restaurant which shared the building with the veteran kosher Segal's.  We ate fish.  It was fine, but we were disappointed that they didn't have coffee.  I needed coffee to wake me up and counteract my jetlag.

I had the Segal food twice.  My sister picked up a great variety of take-out from there before we landed.  Most of it was very good, but their faux Chinese was awful and we suffered from the chemical after-taste.  Because of that my sister was wary of returning, even though I offered to treat the entire family for a dinner out.  They refused my invitation.

But the night before my flight to New York I begged her to go with me, so I could get a good meal.  We had fish, salad and vegetables.  Everything was delicious, so I hope that next visit they'll go there with me enthusiastically.

We were so hungry that I forgot to take pictures of the main course.

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