Thursday, July 22, 2010

More Than Six

I tried to reduce my packing this trip, so this article about wearing six items of clothing for a month was very interesting.  I took less clothes than usual to the states, and my most valuable ones even fit in my backpack, since I brought the type you can roll in a ball and wear without looking wrinkled.

Of course, things must be laundered all the time and that gets complicated as I'm a guest.

Since I'll probably be traveling more, I'll have to learn how to plan, pack and purchase the right things for minimal packing.


Jennifer in MamaLand said...

My mother went to Europe last month and was astonished at the extent of overpacking. This is a group of 60- to 80-somethings, packing like there's no tomorrow, every possible combination of outfits. My mother's roommate apparently brought THREE BLACK SWEATERS. Why?
Meanwhile, my mother breezed through the tour with a couple of versatile skirts & shirts, including some Tilley stuff. They make wrinkle-proof travel clothing you can wash overnight (perhaps even in a bathroom sink) and it's dry by morning.
I'm a big fan of packing light. Anything else is silly - you can see your clothes when you get home.

Batya said...

I'm improving. I'm less hung-up about repeating outfits. The big challenge will be a winter trip when everything is bulkier.

Liz said...

I only recently heard about this challenge (all the publicity, I'm sure) but it really interested me because I'm deep in my own plan/campaign/whatever to spend less, on everything, not just clothes. I simply need to do more to manage my family's money given some financial difficulties we're experiencing. For that I'm learning to alter my spending habits and I'm using "29 Days to a Habit You Want" by Richard Fast, which is available as a free e-book. You can break other bad habits, too, of course, such as smoking or weight loss or communication -- I'm focusing on personal finances. One thing is clear: you need to change your thinking to achieve lasting change and this book covers that, with help and a plan, of course. And I think the "More than Six" challenge also does that -- it makes you challenge your thinking about what you think you need to have.

You know, what I SHOULD do is have my DAUGHTERS do this challenge! Now that would be interesting to watch.

Batya said...

there's also the throw out before you buy new method.