Monday, September 06, 2010

Need to Catch Up On Sleep

Last night, instead of crashing when getting home, I checked email when drinking my pre-sleep water.  I even posted about the latest Havel Havelim.  How could I delay it, procrastinate when Benji gave me such good placings?

So, by the time I went to bed...

I had a very long day.  Got up early for the pool, was the first one in.  Then got myself ready to go to Matan in Jerusalem for two out of three lectures.  I missed one because of the pool.  It took me two rides and three buses.  I was about seven minutes late.  Then I went to the Israel Museum again.  I went through exhibits I hadn't seen, or concentrated on during the two previous visits.  Then I took a bus to downtown Jerusalem and walked around until 7pm when we (my husband, some kids and I) met at HaGov, best kosher sports bar and grill, for dinner to celebrate that we're in Israel for forty years!

Yes, I'm tired!

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