Thursday, September 16, 2010

Last Pool Day of the Season

Three months go by much too quickly.

Except for my time in Arizona and New York, which included the "nine (actually ten) days" when pleasure swimming is forbidden, I hardly missed a morning's swim.  Even when I only had twenty minutes, they were worth the effort.  This year I didn't go for any of the night sessions.  I always get too chilled when the air is colder than the water.  I have no problems when the water is colder than the air.

Now I'll have to find another way to keep my muscles tight and fit.  So far I don't have much of a schedule.  I'd like to have a neighbor or two come over mornings for exercise.  I used to teach it, so if I had company, I could do it and have fun.  Alone just doesn't work.  I get too bored.

Today, I don't want to be late. After the pool, cooking and cleaning to welcome new granddaughter and family.

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