Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Good News is...

... that my daughter is B"H feeling great post partum.  And the bad news is that they're back in Ofra quicker and for longer than they originally planned.  They left on Sunday because there were so many scheduling complications with the kids it seemed easier to just grab somethings and planned on returning Monday night.  I left the kids toys etc all over the place.

Last night my son-in-law came over to get all the laundry I had laundered for them plus all their bags etc to go to his mother for the first chag.  So we're on our own and I must make some order out of this mess.  They plan on returning here for Shabbat and most of the rest of the holiday.  OK, let's see.

But honestly, the most important thing is the good news.  Mother and still nameless baby, thank G-d, feel great.

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