Sunday, September 19, 2010

More Space, Less Noise

Our neighborhood Shiloh synagogue was very recently expanded.  We have two new sections to the Ezrat Nashim, Women's Section.  One is an extension of the balcony, and the other is handicapped accessible from the back, curtained off from the main sanctuary.  This is the first year ever when almost no noise disturbed my prayers.  There were lots of young mothers, babies, kids etc.

The only problematic place is the stairway going up.  It's like an echo chamber magnifying the steps "flip-flopping" as people walk and all the talking.  Even worse was the kids' ruckus in the new "social hall."  But we survived it all.  They finally shut the side door when a dog entered and barked up a storm.  Writing about it makes it sound worse, but believe me when I say that it was still much more pleasant than in the past when we were crowded in a tiny room and every little sound could be heard like cymbals banging out of tune.

Our congregation is full of all different ages, from young marrieds to great-grandparents, Baruch Hashem, Thank G-d.

Have a wonderful year!

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