Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Packing a Low-Carb Lunch

It's tough to pack meals to go when you don't eat carbohydrates.  That's the dieters' downfall in terms of diet and increase in weight. 

The trick is planning and doing in advance.

My "to go omelet" with salad are in the refrigerator in the container since last night.  Ditto for the plastic knife and fork.  Also the fruit, drinks and yogurt just need to be packed in my travel bag/backpack.  The same with my ice coffee and water.

So, now to shower, dress etc and I'm off.


Jennifer in MamaLand said...

Do you eat nuts? I'm told a handful of almonds is the perfect snack on the go... but you probably already knew that!

Batya said...

Yes, I do eat nuts, but need more than just some nuts and fruit for days like today. A couple of sandwiches or a sandwich, fruit and yogurt would have been fine if bread was on the menu.
I ate some walnuts in the bus, then before class the omelet and in between classes yogurt, fruit and I drank my coffee and water.