Monday, September 27, 2010

New Improved Succa Decorations

I was very proud of how I had decorated our succa, but the younger generation thought it awfully dull.  They made us a whole bunch of gorgeous new decorations which I finally put up yesterday afternoon.  And, thank G-d, the grandkids approved of how it now looks!

I added a chain to our succah/merpeset (terrace/balcony) door.

There were even enough to add some to the front door!

That's a bonus to being grandparents, having grandchildren to make succah decorations!  Hint, always keep a ready supply of arts and crafts equipment/supplies.


Lady-Light said...

Very nice sukkah--lucky you have your grandkids there to decorate.

This has been such an exhausting chag (but wonderful) that I haven't had the time nor energy to post. I still want to upload pics of our sukkah, which this year even has a window due to the latest gaping hole chewed into the plywood by our "Mr. Naughties" (our ubiquitous squirrels).
Will try to get to it tomorrow a.m....should be sleeping now...!

Batya said...

I like that positive use of a hole.

Minnesota Mamaleh said...

aww they did a great job! there's nothing like decorations made with little hands to brighten up-- well, just about anywhere! chag sameach to you and yours! :)

Batya said...

Minne Ma, thanks and chag sameach!