Friday, September 17, 2010

Food Before the Fast

Tonight, actually more like afternoon, we have to eat before the Yom Kippur fast.  I have a lot of cooking and cleaning to do, and the day shrank also.  We're no longer on daylight savings, so afternoon/eating time will creep up more quickly than I'm used to.  And instead of our usual empty nest of two, we have six more living with us, the new granddaughter, her parents and elder siblings.

My husband already cooked his chicken soup and I cooked a lot of chicken.  I've started a bean and vegetable soup.  I had planned a pea soup, but I managed to burn the peas--don't ask!  I'll make rice as a side dish and lots of impressive but easy baked vegetables, and also sauteed vegetables, which I cook in a large heavy covered pot.  I just put in cut veggies, oil and cover, no water.  Of course I'll serve a salad.  And then the post-fast meal will be pretty much the same.  We're no longer big dairy eaters.  Besides milk in my coffee and goats yogurt, I don't touch dairy.  Remember that dairy, even plain yogurt, has a lot of salt.  So if you're supposed to reduce your salt intake, reduce dairy, especially cheese.  Read the labels.  For that reason don't eat dairy before a fast, especially Tisha B'Av which lasts twenty-five 25 hours.

Tzom Kal, Have an Easy Fast

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