Monday, September 06, 2010

Treating Myself for Rosh Hashannah

I didn't grow up living a Torah Life, and even after adopting the mitzvot, kashrut, Shabbat etc there have always been some things I was unaware of.  And some of those things have been harder to adopt.  You'd think I'd rush to make sure I'd have something new to wear to say "shehechiyanu" for the Holydays, but only in very recent years have I tried to make sure there would be something new to wear.

When I went to the states in July to reunite my father with my mother in Arizona, I did a bit of shopping in New Jersey.  I put a couple of fancy cardigans aside.  Tonight I went to my neighbor who sell scarves.  She has a nice selection, and I brought the tops with me to match them perfectly.

Buying a couple of scarves is the least expensive way to cover hair.  I had stopped wearing scarves quite a number of years ago.  I began wearing hats, but a good hat cost more than a scarf.


Yes, I do consider hair-covering a fun mitzvah, fun and creative!


Jennifer in MamaLand said...

Few people here wear scarves. I would love to be one of them; ladies in tichels (especially if they match the outfit perfectly!) usually look so tall, slender, elegant... regal.

Hadassa said...

Not only can hats cost more than ten times what a scarf costs, but they go out of style ridiculously quickly. I've never tried to be trendy. It's just that wearing a hat that everyone else got rid of last year is no way to honor Shabbat.

Batya said...

Jennifer, there's such a variety of scarves available and ways worn. For dressing up, I like to wind the long ones like elegant turbans. Try it!

Hadassa, some of my hats are very old, but they look new. I haven't been wearing my big ones, only what can be worn over a scarf or small hat in the sun. and then it goes back in my bag.

Hadassa said...

It's not a matter of looking new. The hats look new...
Shana Tova!
I'm going off-line now, probably until next year.

Batya said...

"new" meaning newly bought, stylish

enjoy, shannah tovah