Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Losing Track of the Days

Most of the year we're on a simple seven day schedule, as it says in the Bible.
"work six days and rest on the seventh"
It's easy to keep that routine.

Now with the Jewish holidays it gets more complicated.  Two weeks ago in the middle of the week we started a long three day holiday weekend of two days Rosh Hashannah and then Shabbat.  OK, fine, then we had the full six days, although the first was a fast day, and Shabbat was a fast day, Yom Kippur.  For that we ate our big holiday feast on Friday afternoon.  Some people break the fast on a small dairy meal, but guessed right that my daughter and her Tunisian family would prefer to break it on a meat meal.  So I had cooked double and served the identical meal Saturday night.

Today is only Tuesday, but I'm cooking for tomorrow night's holiday, Succot.  Actually I doubled the chicken so it would be enough for Shabbat, too.  I'll have to cook some more food, too, or I can raid the freezer.  It depends on how hectic things get.  Of course I can't complain.  Out of Israel they'll be having two more three day weekends.

It's confusing, because I'm cooking and shopping as if it was Thursday, but it's only Tuesday.

Thank G-d, it's not senility, just the Jewish calendar.  In a couple of weeks, we'll be back to the six-one schedule/routine.


Hadassa said...

We overbought meat for Rosh HaShana so we're going to be freeing up some much needed space in the freezer cooking for Succot and Shabbat. Then we'll probably save the leftovers for Simhat Tora and add a few touches to round out the festive meals. Tishrei... I also constantly look at the calendar so that I know for what I'm cooking. Just be happy that these are our problems. Which reminds me: I promised a tzedaka check to Yad Eliezer.

Batya said...

You didn't overbuy, just bought in advance, very clever. I still have frozen cooked chicken I thought I'd need. And there are frozen kugels etc and a meatloaf, so If we have a busy week or unexpected guests, I should have to cook. This is just the fridge freezer, but I don't buy frozen convenience foods. And we don't stock up on frozen veggies.