Thursday, September 02, 2010

Rosh Hashannah Next Week? Gevalt! Nothing Planned

Not good, not in the social swing of things.  I have a great seat in shul, right in the middle of the first row.  I love the dovening here in our Shiloh neighborhood.  This year married daughter will be in her own home, since it's closer to the hospital if the time comes... and her mother-in-law will be there waiting.  Actually, she was there when my daughter went into labor the last two times making it easy for the older kids.  Those things can't be planned.  G-d willing, healthy, safe etc.

I already have some cooked chicken in the freezer which can be for Rosh Hashannah and I have some kugels.  The cooking is the easy part when I freeze things.  It's just the vegetables I don't like cooked too far in advance.  I think I'll make gefilte fish.  That can be the fish meal at night, so there's no rush to heat food up.  There are too many meals in a three day Yontif, Yom Tov, Holiday.  From first to second day Rosh Hashannah, there are difficulties with heating.  They are considered two separate days so we've been told not to heat until after candle-lighting.  But Shabbat's on a higher level so you can cook/heat on Rosh Hashannah for Shabbat.

In Israel this is the only three day scenario possible.


Leora said...

Thanks for the reminder.

"just the vegetables" - since I eat a LOT of vegetables, I have to plan carefully and probably cook in the morning of R"H as well.

B'shaa tova!

Batya said...

I'm also a big veggie eater, so I think I'll bake/roast some and then just heat up when needed. Kugels are also good, and lots and lots of salad. I don't cook on holidays, since I just have the platta up and prefer going to shul.