Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Something New On Blogger

Just a few minutes ago, I noticed a new tab on this "create post" page of blogger:

Curious, I checked it out and discovered that it's another way to find out who and how many visitors to the blog.

United States 1,474
South Korea 430
Israel 305
Germany 85
United Kingdom 82
Canada 66
Australia 59
Brazil 39
India 33
Nigeria 30

Nu, very nice, but what's the attraction for those in South Korea?


Hadassa said...

A few weeks ago a guest mentioned that when he was in Eilat he saw a group of Korean missionaries handing out the "New" Testament in Hebrew. It might have been with the "Old" Testament; I don't remember. Perhaps they like to look at Jewish blogs?

Batya said...

Interesting. It's not the first time I've had strange numbers from Korea. Mystery...