Sunday, October 10, 2010

Being "Carless"

No, this isn't a typo in the title.  We don't have a car.  When I was working as a teacher  and my husband was working full-time, I would save time by taking occasional cabs.  But now time is worth less than money, so I have to work out the bus logistics or walking directions when navigating Jerusalem.  I've just spent too much time trying to figure out how to get from the Israel Museum to Talpiyot to the Pelephone service center to have memory transferred from three phones to new phones.  We switched cellphone companies.  When you're new, you're offered great deals, so Orange is no more for us.  At least we keep our old phone numbers, and since we all had phones more than three years old, we're not supposed to get those heavy fines for breaking contracts.

I'll take mine and my husband's phones from home but must pick up daughter #1's from her office.  I've been warned that they make all sorts of errors in transferring numbers, but we still have our old phones since Pelephone doesn't own them.

No doubt I'll have an adventure to blog about, since I have more planned for today...

Please wish me luck!


Hadassa said...

The last time I changed cell phones, including providing company, the numbers in the memory were transferred without a problem. The time before that I knew that the service was not going to be provided, even though my husband insisted that it would be. I entered all of my numbers into a table on the computer. He lost all of his. And then there was his boss... All of his numbers, about 400 plus, were transferred successfully. However the names weren't. The Hebrew was rendered as a series of the letters used in Eastern European countries: the "o" with a line over it, the "e" with various accents etc.
In addition to wishing you hatzlaha, I strongly advise keeping a computer table up to date and printing it out every once in a while.
P.S. I've heard that Talpiyot has some great outlet stores. Is that worth a taxi?

Batya said...

Starting with the last question. I'm not a Talpiyot shopping maiven. You need a map and be prepared to walk. It's all spread out, but there are some good stores.
I don't think that all the numbers went in, but they are easy to find, and I have the old phone. My daughter said her friend's phonebook got messed up, so she's doing it by hand. Maybe mine is ok, because it's in English. Our phones aren't set to the computer. We ought to get a cord for the pictures.