Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This is The Dessert I Can't Resist!

Last week I met a good friend for lunch in the veteran Jerusalem "health food" restaurant, Village Green. I always enjoy choosing fresh and cooked vegetables for a salad there. I also had their Tofu-Spinach Pie, which was very good. Surprisingly I resisted their totally delicious and legendary bread. Years ago when loaves of freshly baked bread were available to customers to slice in unlimited quantities, I was one of those customers who could finish off a loaf with their fresh unsweetened butter. This time I didn't even take a small roll.

I felt satisfied after my meal, but my friend insisted on buying us dessert and coffee. I couldn't refuse; I couldn't resist.

The date-nut roll is better than any gooey, sugar-filled cake, at least IMHO.
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Hadassa said...

I can eat a half kilo of Madjool (the gooiest around) dates in 15 minutes. Add nuts to that and it's a real dessert, healthier than most cakes too.
Pesah recipe good for people with no Pesah oven: Get the biggest, gooiest dates you can find. Slice down the center of each date, pit them and check for bugs/worms. Place a walnut half in each date. Close. Roll in coconut if desired. Arrange decoratively on plate, although in doesn't really matter because they'll all be gone within seconds. Technically this is not a sugar-free dessert because dates are loaded with sugar, although not sucrose.

Batya said...

Yum! Sounds too good to me.