Thursday, October 07, 2010

Phone Switch

I've had my bright metallic red "diet cracker" cell phone for almost four years.  It still works fine, but now I have a new one, Nokia 7230 which I'll probably keep.

My husband was approached by a salesman/agent for a different cellphone company who offered us a much better deal.  I don't know how it works in the rest of the world, but now in Israel you don't lose your old phone number.  That means that the cellphone number is no longer the clue as to which company you're using.  Next week I have to take mine and my husband's phones, new and old, to the "service station" to get the memories/phonebooks transferred.

I can also decide to change phones to a different model.  We have two weeks from yesterday to make that decision.  Words of wisdom and experience welcome in the comments.  Davka, the one my husband chose for me is the color illustrated here.  It feels so much heavier than my old "diet cracker."  He had the email disabled, because we don't need the expensive and difficult to see option.  It's enough to use the internet at home (and his office.)

I'm just wondering if my old orange phone can have my American T-Mobile card put in.  It's a much better phone than the cheap phone I got in New York a few years ago.


Anonymous said...

I had your diet cracker as well, in plain black. Then Pelephone approached me and told me I could cut down on my bill by upgrading to a BlackBerry. My kids could also cut down if I got them each an iPhone. Sounded too good to be true, but my bill is down by several hundred shekels each month now because my girls don't have to SMS anymore, they just chat on Facebook through their phones. This whole business is backwards! ;-)

Batya said...

How did you find diet cracker in your bag? I wanted color so it would stand out. Did you have it on Pelephone?
We declined the internet on the phone to save costs. Most of my kids have "other deal" phones through work.
Are you happy with Pelephone?