Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Praying For RivkA

One of the best and most valuable and amazing jbloggers is RivkA bat Tirzel from Coffee and Chemo.  As you can much too easily guess from her blog's title, RivkA has cancer. 

She blogs about all aspects of her life, her illness, her kids, her work as a swimming teacher, her husband and her adventures.  So many times I've asked her what she was like before cancer.  I'm exhausted just reading all the things she has been doing.  I'm bli eyin haraa healthy and I could never keep up.  Of course she is younger than me, but even when I was her age I doubt if I could do all she had been doing on chemo, yet.

Unfortunately, the cancer is getting worse.  Friends have organized the division, sharing of the 150 chapters of T'hillim, Psalms to be said for RivkA's refuah shleimah, complete recovery.  Please take part in it, and if you can't, please pray however you can.


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Thanks Jameel, it's up on Shiloh Musings, too.