Sunday, October 03, 2010

another windows live experiment

Today's plan is a "rehearsal" for the next Kosher Cooking Carnival.

It's due out next week.  My favorite way of putting together a blog carnival is to work slowly. I used to be able to do it in "word" and then copy/paste onto blogger, but then I had trouble copying embedded codes/texts.  I'd work in drips and drabs and only need to do the final touches at the very end.

Just a reminder, please let me know if you'd like to host one.  It's a monthly carnival of Jewish blog posts about any and all aspect of kosher food.  That includes Jewish Law, Jewish Holidays, kosher restaurants, reicpes, cookbooks etc.  Each edition comes out, is posted, around Rosh Chodesh, the begining of the Jewish month.  Next month is Cheshvan, and I'll be hosting, possibly cross-posting on
Shiloh Musings.  Kislev will be hosted by Risa.  We've known each other a long, long time.  Read her latest The Joy of Torah!

I'm anxiously awaiting the next
Havel Havelim, which will be at Frume Sarah.  There hasn't been one for two weeks.

Even though the very first HH and the idea of a Jewish Blogging community came from Soccer Dad, it seems that we female jbloggers, like
Ruti, have been holding this thing up.  She even posted Kehilla Carnival #3: The High Holy Days Edition.

HH is posted!

No doubt that the blog I visit the most is RivkA's Coffee and Chemo.  It also brings the most visits to this blog.  She's always in my prayers.

So far I've only been mentioning females in this blog round-up, but the time has come to mention the first to recognize that we jbloggers are a community. That's Soccer Dad who invented, established Havel Havelim.

And so SD shouldn't be alone, visit Dry Bones Building Freeze.

Back to the ladies with Sharon Katz's  VOICES-The Magazine and VOICES-The Blog.

Miriyummy posted a very good personal piece, My Favorite Shiksa.

Please visit all the blogs linked here and tell them that I sent you!

And for entertainment here's one of my recent successes:

*complaints about "live blogging"
  • it tries to be "too smart" saving links to be embedded, so when I go to embed a new one, I must erase its guess
  • I couldn't post my youtube; I had to go into blogger edit



Jennifer in MamaLand said...

Great roundup! For embedding youtube videos, COPY the embed code from YouTube, then just click the "Source" tab at the bottom of Windows Live Writer. Scroll to the bottom and PASTE it in. Click back on Edit to keep adding words and pictures etc to your post.
Works for me every time!
(but I don't work for Microsoft and really totally don't mind if you don't end up loving Windows Live Writer!)

Batya said...

Oh, I've been sending them off as mail from
There's lots more to play with.