Friday, October 22, 2010

The Chicken or the Egg, Which is First? TV or New Social Reality

Our clan is waiting for Happy Endings to be broadcast.  It's a Friends, Seinfeld wannabe.  Our interest is because one of the featured players/stars is a clan member.  Today in the New York Times there's an article about those sorts of sitcoms and how they've replaced the family-based sitcoms of an earlier time. 

They mention some of the older/previous similar shows, but I think that they don't go back far enough.  How could they leave out thirtysomething which did include married and single friends, but their age for entering marriage, parenthood etc fits these newer shows?  The TV show Taxi should also have been included.

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Yes, that was my classmate, Andy Kaufman, talking about friends.  For sure, the article should have included those two shows.

And how can the article mention Desperate Housewives without mentioning Soap?  Soap should be used as medical treatment for those in need of laughter for therapeutic reasons.

And then there's the sitcom which originated in England as Man About The House, Three's Company. 

Is it society that controls what's on TV or do the shows influence society?

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