Saturday, October 02, 2010

Castle! I Can Watch on the Computer!!

I'm looking for reasons to get away from the computer, not sit by it even more.  We can't watch the entire show in Israel, ABC has its rules, but we can watch excerpts.

For some strange reason, the Jerusalem Post "Billboard" had a very shvach, bordering on the negative reprinted from the LA Times.  Here's the letter I sent to the JPost:
We've been watching Castle on Fox series and love it. I see that you used an LA Times reprint instead of paying a local to watch and review the show. You didn't even bother editing in on which Israeli channel it will be broadcast, day, time etc. Your readers deserve better.
Castle just started its third season. Its a very popular show, which one could never guess from the review you published.

I've been watching "Castle" on Fox Series, and am totally addicted.  I love the fact that the murders play almost second fiddle to the main characters.  It's very much like Remington Steele.

Moonlighting.  Remington Steele gave Pierce Bronson his start, and Bruce Willis became a star on Moonlighting.

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