Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Sometimes It's Better Not To Eat Much

No, please, I'm not sick.  I just got back late-ish from Jerusalem and didn't think a chicken meal was the right thing.  I ate a couple of apples and a cucumber on the bus, drank water and threw out the yogurt which didn't taste right after a long day in my bag.  When I got home I had a spoon of sesame paste and water.  No, not together.

Tomorrow's an early and busy day, so it would be good to get to bed very soon, yes, very.

I hadn't realized that Gilo was such a large neighborhood, like an Israel-sized city.  I guess people say the same about Pisgat Zeev-Neve Yaakov.  The big difference is that those northern Jerusalem neighborhoods are near me, and I know them.  Gilo is far, especially the part of it I had to be in.

Good night...

ps G-d willing pictures etc from today will follow.

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