Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's the Time to Rhyme For the Book if You Cook

I don't know about you, but I'm having great fun rhyming for Kosher by Design Teens, 20-Somethings: cooking for the next generation.  The winner of the contest will get a free copy of the cookbook.

Rhyme about the latest Susie Fishbein's latest cookbook.  Yes, that's  Kosher by Design Teens, 20-Somethings: cooking for the next generation.

The contest closes next Sunday and the winner will be announced the following week, on Rosh Chodesh Kislev.

Put your rhyme in the comments and send me your contact info, so in case you win, the book can be sent to you.


~ Sarah ~ said...

The Hungry Teenager
by Sarah

I'm in the mood
for some tasty food.
Mom, what can I eat?
"Make something yourself, I'm beat!"

This new Kosher by Design
Has some recipes that are fine.
But where to start?
I'll go to the Kosher Mart.

Ingredients are what I need,
My friends and I need a feed!
Bowls and spoons, pans and pots,
Fruit and veggies we have lots.

Susie's recipe is so easy to make,
And only a half hour to bake!
Out of the oven it smells yum,
Can't wait till it's in my tum.

My dish tastes great,
And makes all my friends stay late.
It's so much fun to cook,
You should all get the new book!


~ Sarah ~ said...

btw, refuah sheleimah to RivkA. I made challah with her in mind today.

Batya said...

Thanks so much ~Sarah~ good luck!

tirtza said...

Cookbooks are not just a way to cook food
The pictures and stories put you in the mood
So if Susie's past books demonstrate just a bit
This 20 and teen book's a guaranteed hit!

Batya said...

thanks!! It's going to be hard to choose just one winner.

Soccer Dad said...

By Design cookbooks are for Kosher eats,
Dairy, veggies, fish and meats
But my favorite are the sweets,
Especially Shabbos dessert treats.

Batya said...

Thanks, Soccer Dad, I guess you're closing the contest. Now I must choose a winner! Wow! so many great rhymes.