Monday, October 18, 2010

And Now I can Feel Those Muscles Aching

I don't give up all that quickly. So, the fitness "machines" were wet in the morning, big deal. I just returned in the cover of darkness to work out a couple of minutes. And I wasn't alone. It's a very popular spot for neighbors of all ages. Tonight it was full. And the only kids were babies being held by parents who wouldn't let child-minding get in their way.

The pool closed over a month ago, and my upper body is crying out in pain from just a couple of minutes of exercise. That means that I must do more stretching and pushing, lots more.

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Risa said...

Amazing, I don't think I have ever seen anyone use them in our neighborhood.

Batya said...

There isn't much light, so it's pretty modest. It's like having "Curves" for free.