Tuesday, October 05, 2010


I'll just have to do this the "Russian way" and say "Mazal Tov."  That's supposed to be one's reaction when something crashes and breaks.

I started the day by somehow banging the "sugar jar" when removing it from the fridge.  It flew out of my hand and crashed.  The "good news" is that it was pretty empty.  More good news is that I didn't get cut, even though I was standing there with bare feet.  I did my best to clean up and still have to wash the kitchen floor.

So, let's add sugar to the shopping list.  And, no, I didn't need to have my "boiled Turkish coffee" sans sugar, since I have light brown Damara sugar in the pantry closet.

Let's pray that the day improves.

My neighbor printed my Matan "Al haPerek" question sheet for me.  So I'm set for tomorrow. 

I need to do a bit more to be set for today.  I ought to find one of my Mad Lib books.  They may be good for this tutoring job.  It's a great way to teach parts of speech and then have the student correct the results so the cloze makes sense.  I'll also take the sports page from a recent International Herald Tribune.

On with my day....


Hadassa said...

I didn't know that that was a Russian custom. It certainly has spread far and wide!
P.S. I recommend permanently ridding the house of white sugar. We haven't noticed the difference, and we try to use other sweeteners (fruit, fruit juice, honey etc,) anyway.

Batya said...

I only use the white for my coffee. It costs less than the brown, and I buy maybe two kilo a year.
Tonight I was at a shiur and tempted by the apple cakes, but I had just a couple of dates after lots of salad and some cashews, and suddenly I wasn't tempted at all.