Monday, October 11, 2010

It's Hard To Save Money...

I've really been trying to be careful with expenses, but sometimes I have no choice.

The other day I noticed that my watch had died.  OK, no big deal, I thought.  I just need a new battery.  I really love that simple Speedo watch, even though if the light isn't exactly right I need to check the time wearing my reading glasses.  But it's light-weight plastic, slightly odd-shaped face and very comfortable to wear.  Not long ago I blogged about the not so simple saga of replacing its band

A couple of years ago I had the battery changed, so it seemed pretty obvious that a new battery was all it needed. 

I'm sure you've already guessed that this isn't a dull and inexpensive battery change story...

I went to the old watchmaker on Betzalel Street, Jerusalem.  He let me in even though it was ten minutes before the end of his noontime break.  So far, so good, or so I thought.  He took the watch and his miniature tools and started opening the back of the watch.  He kept working on it and working, but the watch didn't open.  He told me that the screws were terribly rusted, strange for a waterproof watch, and there was nothing to be done.

A new battery for that watch would have cost me ns25-30 shekel, and I ended up buying a new watch for ns70.  The new one is very plain, but I can see the time easily without my reading glasses.  And repairing the watch if someone could have done it, would have cost me more than a new watch.

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