Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Don't They Have Workers' Rights in America?

As a long time Israeli, ex-pat American, I really don't see how people could live in the states.  A few years ago, someone I know in America had some surgery and was overjoyed that it was on a Friday, so she wouldn't miss too many work days.  Her job didn't give her any paid sick leave.  She was back at work less than a week after the surgery.

In Israel, sick leave is covered by "National Insurance," even if you're only working a couple of hours a week on an irregular basis.

Only now with Swine Flu looming are Americans realizing that lack of paid sick leave can endanger others.

The United States must be some crazy, primitive place to live where sick people are forced to work when ill or starve.  Basic human rights demand that a sick person can rest up and that healthy people shouldn't be exposed to all sorts of illnesses.  Is paid sick leave included in any of the new health plans?


ilanadavita said...

I quite agree with you. The welfare system has its good points.

Anonymous said...

i did very well for myself in the us, far better than i do in israel. financially i would be better off there.
israels medical system does seem to work. but if you can afford good health coverage america is great!

Batya said...

Ilana-davita, how does it work in France.
a, with lots of money, life in the states is fine, but if you don't have the money and cushy insurance policies, it's a total nightmare.

ilanadavita said...

From what I undestand our system is much closer to the Israeli one.

Batya said...

There are advantages to "socialism" over capitalism, thought they're best combined.