Sunday, November 01, 2009

Eating Kosher in Great Neck, Three Meat Restaurants in This Review

Great Neck, LI, NY has a great choice of Kosher restaurants.  There are two meat ones just across from each other, on Middleneck Road, in the "Old Village."

One night we returned to a restaurant we had eaten in a few months before, "Tel Aviv."  It's  a meat restaurant with an interesting menu.  If I remember correctly, I had meatballs made out of lamb with mint.  We all enjoyed our food, but when we got back to the house we felt the need to drink lots of water.  The food must have been saltier than we could handle.

So, the next night we tried another restaurant, which is directly accross the street.  I think it's called Danny's.  It had a large sign saying Kosher and was totally empty of customers.  They said that they've been there for a few years, but somehow it had slipped by our radar.  I thought that we'd eaten in all the kosher restaurants in Great Neck.  When we read the menu we realized that it's Persian.  Maybe they make most of their money on catering and take-out.  The Grilled Salmon we had ordered for my father was coated with salt and we had to send it back. Instead he had the chicken soup.

Earlier in the visit we had eaten at Colbeh's a top noch Kosher Persian Restaurant near the Great Neck LIRR station.  I enjoyed our meal there much more.  Actually, everything about the meal was great, and they give freebies, so it ends up costing less than you'd think.  We ordered three main courses for four people and had left-overs, which they happily packed.  I'm sorry I didn't take pictures of the food there which was great!  I was totally jetlagged; it was the day I had landed.

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