Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's Hard to Predict the Weather

I really ought to do some laundry today, so I checked the sky through the window.  From the east it looked pretty clear.

Then I looked to the west, and it was dark and cloudy.

To the south it seemed mixed.

I decided to risk it and loaded the washing machine.  I don't think that I did any or much laundry this week.  Yesterday was rainy, and I went to Jerusalem.  I'll blog about that in a few posts, since there are a number of topics to cover.  I had a wonderful day!

Today we're home; that means me and my father.  I'm expecting lots of guests and hope that the timing works out well.  I also hope that the movie club won't mind that I'll be cooking dinner while showing the film.  I have an "open plan" livingroom diningroom and kitchen in an "L" shape.  Usually I enjoy that flexible open space.  Being in the kitchen isn't being isolated from what's going on in the house.  I hope that my kids won't mind that there will be a movie club here in the afternoon.

So far, from the southern window (the den) I see the sky clearing.  I need a strong sun, not blocked by clouds today.  I still hang out the wash outdoors.  I always have.


at the edge said...

What do homes go for in this region?

Batya said...

From what I've heard, the new houses are from about ns800,000 or maybe less, and old ones much less money. Amana is marketing homes which are ready to move into.