Monday, November 2, 2009

JBloggers, JTweeters F2F and Eat!

Frum Satire's Heshy Fried is co-sponsoring a chance for Jewish Bloggers and Tweeters to F2F, aka Jewish Tweetup.

Attention Tweeters and Bloggers, and have teamed up to throw a Jewish Tweetup in NY at the 92Y in Tribeca. So invite your friends and if you would like to become a sponsor for the event please contact us.

"I am co-hosting a Jewish Tweetup (bloggers invited too) with Itamar of JewsNews this coming Wednesday, November 4th in New York City at the 92Y in Tribeca at 5:30pm. If you could post this on your blog or even attend, we would greatly appreciate it. There will be free food "I feel that entices people to show up at events" from what I understand the 92Y-Tribeca serves alcohol as well."
 Heshy, Is it kosher?  I'm really curious, as I don't like the idea of advertising a food even which isn't.

Obviously, I'm just doing a favor and won't be there.  You'll have to come to the ancient Jewish City of Shiloh to f2f with me.  Shiloh was Jewish long before, thousands of years before Peter Stuyvesant  bought Manhattan from the Indians.

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