Monday, January 24, 2011

... And I Walked...

Walking is the least expensive and probably the most convenient way of exercising. 

Yesterday I did an early shift at Yafiz and then went to Jerusalem.  I caught a bus at Sha'ar Binyamin, got off at the Shmuel Hanavi/Ramat Eshkol stop and walked to town.  It's really not far, no different from walking from the Central Bus Station, maybe a mile or even less.  If anyone has an accurate read on it, please let me know.

I was exhausted, so I popped over to HaGov and rested while the boss and workers got it ready to open for the night.  Then, since none of my kids were available to have dinner with me, I began walking to Matan.  There was another of our monthly Bible classes as part of Al HaPerek.  On the way I stopped off at the "Cup of Joe's" on the corner of Jabotinsky.  I ordered a tuna bagel sandwich.  Yes, I know that all that bread/carbohydrates isn't good for my weight, but the price was relatively good, and I had been walking...  I took my time and read while I ate, which one can do when dining alone.  Then I continued walking to Matan, which is a nice walk, much more than a mile or a couple of kilometers.

Once I got there, I sat in the Beit Medrash, library with a couple of friends and we prepared for the class/lecture.  Shani Taragin gave a fantastic summary plus of the first eight chapters in Shoftim, Judges.  It took me a few minutes to get used to her rapid-fire delivery.  What Shani said in an hour would have taken anyone else at least an hour and a half.  The shiur (class) was in Hebrew.  Previously I had only heard her in English.  I really enjoyed it.  Those who weren't there really missed a fantastic experience.

Afterwards I rushed to catch the #18 to the bus station.  Due to all the mess and reported delays I decided to wait on Sderot Eshkol (Blvd.) instead of braving the winding new route via behind the Jerusalem Municipality Complex, Neviim (Prophets) Street, Agrippas etc.  which easily doubles the trip.  So I got off someplace on Neviim, walked to Strauss and pretty much reversed my earlier route.  I ended up with over a half hour to wait for the 10:30pm bus home.  If I had been in a rush, I could have taken a bus on Strauss, but I knew I had time and felt like walking. And of course once I got to Shiloh, I had to walk all the way up the hill, another almost kilometer home.

ps I hope I burned all the bagel calories plus!

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