Friday, January 07, 2011

Double-Parked in Parking Lot

This happened in a Hod Hasharon mall parking lot.

This car was left with the motor running and a little kid inside.  It blocked off at least three cars.  There were plenty of empty parking spots just a little further away from the entrance.  When we exited, we couldn't get out.  The kid tried calling his father, but the father didn't come.  I took this picture and told the kid that I'd be posting it on the internet.

Then the kid ran into the store, or whereever and brought his father out.  Then they left.  I really wanted to take my keys and scratch the car, but my hosts didn't like that idea.  I wish I could report the driver to the police.  Well, I told the kid I'd post it, and I don't like lying.


Rahel said...

You certainly can report the car to the police. Time, date, location, make and model of car, circumstances of incident and you're good to go.

Batya said...

I don't think my hosts wanted to get involved. I wanted to take keys and scratch the car when the kid ran out to get his father.