Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pill Case Confusion

I was walking (or was it up) down Jerusalem's Rechov Strauss (Street) and noticed this pill case for those who need medications four times a day.  When my very elderly father was living with us, my daughter set up weekly medication boxes for him.  There were morning ones and after dinner ones.  When he needed at other times of the day, they were kept in other containers/bags or I'd have to remember which to pick out of the box.  Once I left the "pre-breakfast pills" in a bag in the kitchen and caught him eating one:
"This candy tastes awful."
Yes, he thought it was a bag of sweets.  So, the next morning I didn't give one to him.  He survived that, and I stayed calm knowing very well that there were many more medication foul-ups when he was living with my mother.  Some days he took twice and others not at all, and she would vary which meds to take for herself, too.  One of the basic services we (my sister and I) felt most necessary for them in the old age home was that they receive their meds.  The deal is that the "home" does the ordering and gives each the correct medicine and dosage at the right time.

Now, have you found what I consider very peculiar about the pill box?  Look carefully at the labels.  Nu...?


Ed Greenberg said...

You should submit this to failblog.com.

Batya said...

What's that, and what's the problem with the picture?

Hadassa said...

I guess it's for people who go to bed before evening? But then when do they take their afternoon pills? And isn't it hard to wake up for the evening pills?

Batya said...

Maybe for those who do the 4pm dinner special.