Thursday, January 27, 2011

Where's Our Winter?

Yesterday it rained a bit on the way home.  The media here has been predicting lots of rain for this week, but I don't see it.  I dump all the water I can in the garden and house plants.  We've been having gorgeous winter skies, but then they turn blue, as if it was summer.  This summer will be very tough, since we haven't had good rain for a long, long time.  We need double rains for the next few years; average rainfall isn't enough.

Let these gorgeous sky views bring us lots of rain.  This is a Jewish leap year with an extra month before summer.  G-d willing it'll be very wet and rainy.

And please remember that sunny days are awful and wet ones are gorgeous!


Hadassa said...

A friend of the family agreed to send us a few square miles worth of snow from New York City. She's tired of it. The plan is about as logical as importing water from Turkey.

Leora said...

Well, at least those skies are gorgeous! But unfortunately, those pretty clouds don't look like rain clouds.

I've already promised to ship you all the snow in New Jersey - I bet all the snow on my block would be good enough for your garden.

rickismom said...

DS came home from the army and told me that up north (ie, near the kinneret) it WAS rainy! (At least....)

Anonymous said...

breathtaking. i cannot wait to go back.

Batya said...

Hadassa, Leora, it does seem that NY/NJ got more than its share of wetness this winter.
rm, that's good news
a, thanks, hurry home