Sunday, January 30, 2011


There's nothing like a wedding, and each wedding is so different.

I always enjoy the variety of clothes we see at weddings.  A recent one was very different in a sense.  The "other side" had little girls dressed in styles I felt were "too old" for me.  But maybe I'm the problem.  Maybe I dress "too young." 

When my daughter got married I wore an outfit based of royal blue.  It wasn't your typical "mother of the bride," but I think it worked.  Here in Israel there rarely are "color themes."  Friends whose kids have married in the states sometimes go crazy trying to please the bride and her strict color demands.  I'm glad things are easier here.


Anonymous said...

chasunas in israel, more jews buildings homes in israel. a beautiful thing.
i cant wait to get back!

Batya said...