Saturday, January 29, 2011

Drip Drop, Was That A Leak Waking Me Up?

This morning, before the sun could be seen, at least the room was still totally dark, I woke up hearing drip drop.  Did one of us not quite close the faucet in the middle of the night?  Anything's possible.  It hasn't been cold enough to have to leave a faucet dripping to prevent pipes and whatever from freezing.  The plumbing here is the only really sub-standard thing about this house.

I tried to check the time.  There was no reason to get up too early on Shabbat.  On regular days (and remember that Sunday here is Day One of the Week) I turn on the computer at 5am, sometimes even earlier.  On Shabbat, it's not on the menu.

It sort of looked like 6am on my watch.  Of course, if the watch says 6am, it's really 5:48 or even a minute earlier.  I'm one of those...  Our clocks are always kept a bit fast, ahead of real time.

So I got up; six is a good time on Shabbat to get up.  That way I can get my water and coffee drinking done and "eliminated," so I won't have to use the shul's WC or 00 during prayers.

Oh, yes, about that drip... it wasn't from the en suite 00, it was from the outside drain pipe.  It had rained last night, thank G-d.  This has been not only a too dry winter, but according to local agriculturalists, it hasn't been cold enough.  Many plants, including some grown-for-export flowers need the cold, ditto for some fruit.  I know that in many other parts of the world, it was colder and wetter than usual, but here it hasn't been.

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