Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thank G-d For Good People

My mind had been trying to figure out the muddle of how to get from Matan to the bus station and still make my bus.  Before buses had been banned from the main road, Jaffa Street, I had just enough time.  So the extra time it now takes makes it too long.  Of course I could catch the bus at a different stop...

Then my friend who lives well to the south east of us said that she'd be driving home after classes and could drop me off at Hizme, the exit/checkpoint.  So I got off, took one of those signs and waited for a ride, and waited and waited.  Finally someone said that she was going to Ofra, 2/3 of the way home.  I got in.  At Ofra, I waited just a bit and some guy said he was going to Shiloh.  It ended up that he was really going to one of the small communities east of Shvut Rachel.  He insisted on taking me all the way home, just to be nice.

Yes, people are nice and good and helpful... Thank G-d!


Ariella said...

I once had a similar experience. It is heartening to see people do chesed like that.

Batya said...

I guess I'm really lucky, since it has happened to me more than once. G-d is good.