Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What Do You Pack For Lunch?

Actually, when I go to Matan, I pack breakfast.  I make it the night before, my usual morning omelet, plus some salad, fruit and nuts.  And I also take a thermos of hot coffee and a bottle of water.  I stopped eating yogurts.  That generally holds me until I get home mid-afternoon.

When I went to work in Yafiz for the first time, I brought cooked vegetables, salad and tuna, plus an apple.  Yesterday, when I went to Jerusalem to help my daughter with the baby at work, I made a lunch favorite, cooked vegetables with quinoa.  I have a couple of good plastic containers, which have, bli eyin haraa, proven leak-proof.  I still give it an extra wrapping of clear plastic and then pack the dirty napkins in it when empty to sop up any liquid.

My husband is on a different diet regime. I generally make him two sandwiches on diet bread or one on regular or Shabbat challah, plus fruit and yogurt when he's out until dinner.

When I pack enough food I save money and am not tempted to buy/eat things which put on weight.

Any other tricks?  I'd appreciate input.

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