Saturday, January 15, 2011

I Do Prefer F2F, Do You?

Granted that I spend a ridiculous amount of time here on the computer, but in my ideal world I'd see more people in person.  I don't use the email/internet option on my cellphone.  I rarely text, since if I'm using my cellphone, I'd rather talk.

I may be in the minority, or maybe it's just my age.  Lot's of people are more dependent on their technology, communication tools than I am.

Shabbat is so wonderful.  Just f2f, no phones, computers, tv etc.    I see people, talk to them etc.  I also go to synagogue and pray with a congregation, instead of at home or all sorts of strange places.  The strange places is because I've taken on the Mincha, afternoon prayer, and I frequently find myself praying in the bus, or at a park bench or some strange corner, trying not to look too peculiar.  Actually in Israel, in Jerusalem many people will easily understand what I'm doing.

On Shabbat I see my friends at a class.  This class, the "shiur nashim," women's Torah lesson, is the longest running Torah Class in Shiloh, 29 years.  Two of us have been from the beginning.  Others are much newer and we're always hoping for more participants.

So, back to the topic.  Any chance we can f2f?


Tzivia said...

Not me! So many reasons why not that I stuck them in their own post!

Batya said...

Jennifer, thanks for the mention.

I really enjoy meeting my blog-friends.

My blogging persona is me.

Hadassa said...

I've been thinking that I have to get out more, but going out with a one-year old in tow is not always so fun, or practical, so I'm going to remain virtually based for a while, at least until spring arrives. Anyone who wants to F2F with me in the next few months will almost certainly have to trek out to Elon Moreh.

Batya said...

a year old already? Wow!