Thursday, January 06, 2011

Finally Winter, KCC #62, Shvat Sameach!

We're a few years behind in the rain department, so even when we have a month of "average rainfall" it's far from enough.  We're already into the Jewish Month of Shvat when we're supposed to start enjoying the new fruits.  I don't know how fertile the orchards are this year, since winter started very late.  But we do have an extra month, Adar B, so G-d willing by Pesach, we'll have fruit and rain.

Yes, this is the sixty-second Kosher Cooking Carnival.  That's quite amazing by my reckonning.  I had no idea that my "revenge" against a recipe carnival that had rejected my recipe one month, because their theme was ham, would be such a success.
See how KCC has grown!
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Next month Mrs. S. will host it on Our Shiputzim. Send your kosher food posts via blog carnival.  Anything concerning kosher food, Jewish Law, family and Jewish ethnic traditions, kosher restaurant and cookbook reviews and recipes, too, of course.  If you'd like to host an edition of KCC, please contact me.

Here goes, visit all of the blogs and pass the links around:

Sharon A presents A Taste of Chanukah; The Real Jerusalem Streets posted at The Real Jerusalem Streets's Blog, saying, "After eight days of lights and oil, what next?"

leah aharoni presents Fabulous Fast Fruity Dessert posted at Ingathered.

anything kosher!

Leora presents Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies posted at Cooking 4 Shabbat - never the same thing twice, saying, "Easy, yummy cookies"

Jay3fer presents Today’s Project: Whole Lotta Bread! posted at Adventures in BreadLand, saying, "It's like Purim in July... baking up a whole lotta bread to send to non-Jewish relatives lets me be thoughtful, bake bread, PLUS side-step the whole holiday shopping mishegos!"

mominisrael presents To Tofu or Not to Tofu: Tasty Substitutes for Dairy or Meat posted at Cooking Manager, saying, "A popular guest post by Leah Goodman of Trilcat."

Mrs. S. presents The moment of truth posted at Our Shiputzim: A Work In Progress, saying, "Thanks for all your amazing efforts!"

Batya presents Yummy! Middle-East Flavored Coffee posted at me-anderYes, that's me!  And I had a great pot of coffee at Cup of Joe's.  Some days I have a rather mixed menu, good and bad.  Honestly, I don't like the facy restaurants which are skimpy in their vegetable portions.


Avital Pinnick presents World?s Most Delicate Lemon Squares posted at This and That.

Jay3fer presents Making Marshmallows! posted at Adventures in Mama-Land, saying, "On the Scale of Potchkedik, I’d say the process was about an 11 out of 10. Was it worth it? Maybe!"

Mirjam Weiss presents Green-Eyed Monster posted at Miriyummy.

Mirjam Weiss presents Fifteen Minutes of Fame posted at Miriyummy.

Mirjam Weiss presents Old Country posted at Miriyummy.

Jay3fer presents Crazy Goyim and their Fruit posted at Adventures in Mama-Land, saying, "When is a fruit not a fruit? When it's in a tub of candied, mixed fruit!"

diet food

The best diet food is just being prepared.  I got over 15 kilo, over thirty pounds off a coupe of years ago, and now I'm helping my husband.

Every day meals

The fun of soup is sometimes making a quick one for a cold day when fasting.
Devo K presents Corn Chowder posted at In the middle, on the right.


Sharon A presents Fire and Flames; The Real Jerusalem Streets posted at The Real Jerusalem Streets's Blog, saying, "Chanukah is not just food!"

Jewish Shabbat and Holiday food

Emily Tammam presents Sourdough Sfenz for Hanukkah posted at Susu and Sourdough.

Leora presents How can you start preparing for Shabbat without Challa? posted at Cooking 4 Shabbat - never the same thing twice, saying, "Great Challa every time!"

Jay3fer presents Like Purim in December! posted at Adventures in Mama-Land, saying, "Gifts of food can bring family - Jewish and non-Jewish together."

Restaurant or Cookbook Reviews

jaclyn presents The 8 Bites of Hanukkah posted at Extraordinary Eats.

traditional food

Avital Pinnick presents Another “Cooking in the Office” Video: Israeli Salad « This and That posted at This and That, saying, "Video (in English) of my officemate, a professional cook, making an Israeli salad."

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Leora said...

Ah, another Leora! Great job, Batya.

I tried to submit this month, but alas, I was too late. Well, I suppose Mrs. S. has a first post for her KCC.

Batya said...

Leora, you have a few posts in.

Jennifer in MamaLand said...

Thanks; nice job! I didn't realize I submitted so much... (embarrassed)

Batya said...

Jennifer, as long as they fit the criteria, no problem. I have to delete many people send. It's very annoying.

Anonymous said...

So that's the reason why KCC started, I never knew!

Good job!

westbankmama said...

Great issue!

Batya said...

mirj, yes, that's the story.
wbm, thanks

Mrs. S. said...

Shavua tov, and thanks for the link!
Looking forward to my hosting debut next month IY"H... :-)

Batya said...

Thanks, Mrs. S. I'm sure you'll do a great job!