Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Gifts From Abroad

When I was a little girl, my aunt and uncle spent a few long periods of time living in Europe.  I'll never forget the fancy postcard from Spain.  There was a Spanish dancer sewn into it. 

What made me think of this?  There's an article in the New York Times about gifts parents who travel a lot should give to their kids. 

We don't travel for work, but I do go to the states at least once a year to see my parents.  I try to bring something home for everyone, and I also have to bring something to my parents, sister and her family.  One year I brought a lot of t-shirts and hats from the Tel Shiloh Coffee Shop.  You can't buy those any place else.  My sons and son-in-law usually get t-shirts from the states; that's easy.

I've gotten some great classic toys for my grandchildren like pot holder weaving looms, modern plastic versions of the ones I had as a little girl and like my mother bought my daughters when they were young.

Recently my NY daughter brought me some great skirts which had belonged to my husband's aunt.  They're not the most modern, but they are classics, fantastic quality and fit.

But my all-time favorite gift was from former MK Naomi Blumental.  My husband worked for her one year, and she surprised us by bringing me a gift from abroad, Amarige Perfume by Givenchy.  It has become my only perfume.  It's not cheap, but it's the only one I use, every single day.  My stock is running low, since the last one I got was small, small enough to take on the plane through security.  I usually buy a bottle in New York, on Broadway, in one of those Indian perfume stores which offer the best prices.

There was a time when luggage allowances were more generous and fewer products were available in Israel, so visitors brought everything from toilet paper to coffee and catsup.  Now there's no need for every day stuff.  I'm sure that some of you would disagree with me.  Don't be shy.

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