Friday, January 21, 2011

Maybe She Looked Better in Person. Michelle Obama is No Jackie Kennedy

A friend of mine was very upset with the outfit she got for one of her kid's weddings.
"The fabric was too shiny, so the pictures of me look awful."
That's what I though of when I saw that picture of Michelle Obama in her highly praised red dress.

Photographed, she looks monstrous.  I don't understand all the praise.  So maybe she looked better in person.  I don't think it's  a fabric that photographs well, especially with all the flounce and details.  She looks like a red and black Jackson Pollock canvas on which extra paint spilled.

There are other fabrics which can be problematic.  I once ran into a photographer friend who was in a panic.  Pictures from a wedding he had just photographed were shocking. The mother of the bride or groom wore an outfit from a fabric that became sheer when photographed with a flash.  You could see more than she would ever want to show.

Jackie Kennedy knew how to choose elegant clothes that photographed well.  What a difference...


Mark said...


Love reading your blog(s), at least the non-political ones!

Vis-a-vis your take on the wardrobe of the First Lady, you've apparently convinced yourself that you're objective in your fashion analysis and not swayed by your political views. You've NOT convinced some of your readers, though.

Shabbat Shalom,

Batya said...

Mark, thanks
I did give her the credit that she may look better in person. Politics have nothing to do with it. I wouldn't like a picture of that dress on anyone. Jackie wore a shiny fabric in a much simpler design which worked much better in pictures.

Hadassa said...

I would like to slap Michelle Obama's fashion consultant. Ms. Obama is a thin, attractive woman (I've never seen a picture of her without makeup) and time and again, she wears awful outfits to events. I stumbled across an article with comments about this dress. Most of the people agreed that the alterations that must have been to the dress were terrible. The uneven sleeves are not at all becoming. Also flaming red is not such a good choice for a First Lady, no matter what the style is.
I can't remember Hillary Clinton, also a Democrat, attracting attention for poor taste in clothes. Apparently all those years as a lawyer gave her a clue as to how a First Lady should dress.

Batya said...

I agree. She looked pregnant at the inaugaration due to some awful outfit. I was sure there was a baby on the way.