Friday, January 21, 2011

Housework Routine Getting Harder

Routine is the keyword here.  I have no routine.  Each week I'll probably work on different days, different shifts.  The good news about this is the flexibility.  I no longer have to miss weddings etc because of work.  Teachers may have "long vacations," but we can't take them at our convenienc.  I found that very difficult at times.  When I took the job at Yafiz, because its a large store with many workers, I was told that I could have a different work schedule each week.  That is as long as it suits the store's needs.

The difficulty is that I no longer have a housework schedule.  I can't always cook the same day and time for Shabbat.  I can't count on doing laundry the same days of the week and know when I'll be home.  There will even be weeks when I have to work on a Friday.  I don't know how I'll manage, but I'll have to.  I'll pretend that I'm watching my son in a football final. 

And work isn't the only thing that varies from week to week.  We're invited to various events, and we have kids and grandkids and friends etc.  So I can get pretty busy and suddenly discover, like this week, that I should have done a few washes.  I'm low on some clothes etc.  We also have too much food leftover from this last week.  Some of that can be eaten today or "recycled."

Most important, I ought to admit to you that I've always hated housework.  I'm just not much of a baleboosteh.  Cooking's OK, creative, but the cleaning part is a drag.

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