Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Trying To Keep The Weight Off

This low carbohydrate food pyramid is very similar to the way I've been eating the past two plus years.  The only real difference is that I don't eat cheese.  I have milk with my coffee in the morning, and I don't eat any other dairy.  I even stopped eating goats yogurt a couple of months ago.  Sometimes I snack on a few nuts instead for extra protein energy.

I also eat about three portions of fruit per day, possibly more than illustrated here.  By eating enough fats in your protein, shun the 0% and skimmed dairy products if you eat dairy-but don't eat yellow cheese often or at all, you'll feel satisfied and less susceptible to food cravings and subsequent binges.  They're caused by incorrect, unbalanced eating.

Yes, once you find the best balance of vegetables, protein and fruit for your individual needs, you won't be tempted by all the forbidden foods, and if you take a bite, they won't even taste all that good.  Any food, even well-known as healthy like brown rice and multi-whole grain breads, which you can't stop eating, should never be eaten.  I can't eat just one slice of bread, but I'm perfectly satisfied when I don't eat even a crumb of bread.  Yes, those meals are better for me than if I ate one of those standard "balanced" one slice diets.

I find cooked vegetables most filling and satisfying.  Yesterday the lunch I took to work (in a good plastic container) was a generous portion of cooked (in a bit of oil, covered frying pan) onion, carrot and squash.  On top of that was a generous spoon of sesame paste and some fresh salad.  That kept me going all afternoon.  I made it the night before.  Yes, it does take longer to prepare than my husband's sandwiches, but if I ate his sandwiches I'd gain weight.  He's losing weight by eating limited sandwiches, a yogurt and fruit at work.  No more cake and cookies for him.

Good luck if you're trying to lose weight!

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