Sunday, January 23, 2011

Photobucket Woes

On the whole, I'm very pleased with photobucket as a free online photo-storing/sharing etc service.  But recently it sometimes, like this morning, keeps on fouling up the "big e," explorer, and I have to restart and then re-sign into everything all over again, a major annoying time-waster.

I can't use picasa anymore, since they demand money, claiming that I've blogged/stored/shared their maximum for the free deal.  I used to use flickr, but stopped for the same reason.  They had a ridiculously low maximum, and I haven't returned.

I understand that there are many more companies to try.  If I spend, it must be for one that has great deals for printing photobooks.  The time has probably come to start with those books instead of printing photos and then putting them in albums.  I'm sure my parents would enjoy cute albums rather than the photos.

Please send me (via comments) your recommendations, especially those which ship internationally for very reasonable fees, or even free.  My parents are in AZ, USA, and we're here in Israel.  I have absolutely no idea how these things  work, but since I've learned to blog, before most, I guess I can learn almost anything.


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