Monday, July 20, 2009

Eating Disorders, Not For Me!

I've been rather amused at the concern of many of my neighbors since I've been losing weight. I'm not suffering from an illness or eating disorder. Read here about one man's long term eating problem.

I've been overweight for about fifteen years, if not longer. Even after giving birth to five kids, full nine month plus pregnancies and normal sized babies, I had a very small waist. Then, suddenly it seemed, my waist was gone and my clothes didn't fit properly.

I had always prided myself on being able to belt my dresses within a week of giving birth, and suddenly something was wrong.

People began telling me that it would be more flattering to hide my waist under long, full tops. Soon after I discovered the "fat lady stores" where I could buy clothes so large I didn't have to worry that I'd stretch them or outgrow them. That was the beginning of my "acceptance" of the new me. I have no idea why I didn't fight the bulge.

Over the years I tried various exercises and fitness routines, but I didn't try diet.

Even last winter, when I was offered the free diet, I wasn't willing to admit that it's all in what we eat.

In a sense I don't consider myself "on a diet," because as I've said before:
"Dieting is a temporary solution to a permanent problem."

  • I don't eat diet food.
  • I still have sugar with my coffee.
  • I eat regular yogurt and drink regular milk.
  • I eat chicken with its skin.
  • I eat frequently and don't allow myself to get hungry.
  • I do limit my protein, fats and fruit each day.
  • But I have enough fruit, generally three servings, so that my body has plenty of sugar in it.
  • I've eliminated high glycemic carbohydrates.
  • I get my carbs from cooked vegetables and fruit.
  • I eat lots of cooked vegetables and raw salads.
  • I'm not hungry, nor do I feel "deprived."
  • I enjoy my food!

I've been counseling people who want to lose weight. Contact me at shilohmuse at gmail dot com

Some people don't like my method, because it's "too easy." I like it, because I can live on it. All those strict, painful diets cause people to flee and go off it. What's the point?


Christina Crowe said...

Great post!

Sometimes the best advice someone needs for encouragement is a personal experience story.

Though losing weight can be hard, it can be done if you stick with it.

muse said...

Thanks, and a diet you can't live on will end up being ignored.