Sunday, July 26, 2009

Starting The Week With A Bissel Visiting

I haven't done this sort of post for a long, long time. It's a round up of links to other blogs. Please visit and send my regards.

Veteran jbloggers must remember the great jblogging couple, the bagelblogger and his baleboosteh. Well, they have news. They began JPIX, after I mused how it would be nice to have a jpblog picture carnival. Consider this a reminder to send in your posts. I'm, G-d willing, hosting the next one.

A new jblogger on the block, the creative Jewish mom shows us how she celebrated her daughter's 7th birthday. Mazal Tov!

Leora blogs about famous farewells. It's not about Rhett Butler. Read the comments.

RivkA prefers shaving it off, rather than "extreme thinning." Refuah shleimah RivkA bat Tzirrel, and while you're praying, please add another few names, Tinok ben Liba Faiga, Neomi Rivka bat Bluma, Pnina bat Sofia Zlata. AMEN!

Irina's in Solitary Confinement studying for the Bar. Good luck!

Jacob Da Jew wonders if he should censor his kids' music.

Aussie Dave posts Reel Life in Gaza, not your usual Gaza story. It reminds me of a fact few people remember or know. Until the time of the Hebron riots/massacre in 1929, there was a Jewish community in Gaza. Gaza's history includes Jews; it wasn't a totally Arab city until very recently.

Harry Potter fans should enjoy Ya'aqov's post.

I prefer real life, like in Baka Diary.

This proposal to supplement the budget of a home for the severely retarded in Israel is worth reading.

Although this isn't Seraphic Secret's most recent post, it leads into one I really like.

Ricki's Mom is also a "A “Real” Grandmother," a fact she rarely blogs about.

Last week was pretty busy in Shiloh. We had a very special guest, and I had a nice group for Rosh Chodesh Prayers at Tel Shiloh.

Shavua Tov
Have a Great Week


Baleboosteh said...

Great round up! Thanks for pointing me to some great posts... and thanks for the mention too! :)

rickismom said...

Thanks for the mention

muse said...

Baleboosteh and rm, I hope you've now met up! I have no doubt that you'll enjoy each other's blog.

Leora said...

Rhett Butler would have been a great example of a famous farewell. Not sure how one could link it with Moshe, however.

I'll have to look through your picks - lots of good choices here!

muse said...

How to link Moshe Rabenu with Rhett Butler... well, Rhett's exit was pretty firm, making it clear that Scarlet wouldn't see him again, and... we don't know where Moshe's buries so he won't be worshiped...