Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Welcoming A "New" Neighbor

"New" is in quotation marks for a reason. He has been in Shiloh for about eighteen years. He came during my days as a member of our "Va'adat Klita," Acceptance Committee. I always feel a special connection with those I "accepted."

For many years, whenever I needed a community announcement translated into Russian, he was my translator. And when I was given a budget to promote my "ripped flag," he made it trilingual with his Russian translation.

When I welcomed him at the party, I mentioned that he was our Russian translator, he hurriedly get the packet with the trilingual card and ripped flags. I was so move that it is something that means so much to him.

For all those years he lived in temporary housing down the hill, near Tel Shiloh. A few years ago, we heard that he bought an old house in my neighborhood. The renovations went slowly, very slowly.

Considering the housing shortage here, it had seemed a wasted house, when so many families were desperate for one.

Well, he finally moved in, and tonight was his "Chanukat HaBayit," the ceremony to "dedicate" his new house and bless it.

May it be a blessing for all.

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