Thursday, July 30, 2009

Strange Dreams

It wasn't just being spooked by the 9th of Av, the serious 25 hour Jewish fast day.

I decided to sleep later than usual, and due to the heat, I transferred to the couch. One peculiar dream was about a dog, that had attached itself to me. I kept trying to signal people to get the dog away, since I'm quietly phobic, but the dog was somehow under me. Maybe I felt the leather couch.

Another dream had something to do with going back to teaching. Yes, it seems like I am, at least for a few weeks as a substitute. I got a call from one of the largest girls high schools in the country. It's conveniently nearby. And they need someone to take a few classes. At first they asked for two, and then they wanted four. I declined, because four are too many. I'm game for three, but now we're negotiating about which three.

I need the money, and I'm sure that my lack of energy is a result of the fact that I'm bored and have nothing much to do. Energy generally expands with need... up to a point, like a balloon. There's a limit. So, we'll see what happens. As I said, it's just for a few months. And the traveling conditions are much easier and the school is tops. A friend reminded me that in my previous school the fact that the kids didn't work was draining. When kids work, it's more stimulating.

I still want to continue with the diet coaching.


Leora said...

I hope you can make the best of it; perhaps it will be a better experience than your previous work. And you suffered a lot because of poor travel conditions in your previous job; this sounds better.

muse said...

Thanks, G-d willing

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Interesting that I'm not the only one that has a phobia of dogs.

I guess what we dream about is what's subconsciously on our mind. So maybe you really do want to get back into teaching.

Good luck with the 3 classes, what classes are they?

muse said...

I've learned how to act "OK" with dogs, but...

The school has 7-12th grades. I'm waiting to hear the final decision.