Monday, July 13, 2009

It Has Returned!

A couple of months ago, when construction was begun on the latest addition to our ever-growing, over-crowded school complex, we discovered that the bus rest-tremp stop across from the supermarket and around the corner from the main bus stop had disappeared.

The powers that be had just lifted it up and "carried" it to the temporary school bus stop. We were livid. That little structure had been our protector and rest stop from sun, wind, rain and exhaustion. Especially after our bus service was reduced, meaning that the buses no longer went up to our neighborhood, we needed a place to safely wait, sheltered from the elements.

When the powers replied to our complaints with:

"Be patient. A parking lot is being prepared."

All I could say and think of was that French Queen, Marie Antoinette's:

"Let them eat cake!"

A parking lot services those with cars, not us the "carless." Yesterday, I was overjoyed to see that we again have some shelter.

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We should decorate it with ribbons!