Wednesday, July 22, 2009

KCC, Illustrated to Perfection

A very tasteful Kosher Cooking Carnival has been posted in HP, NJ, by Leora.

There are lots of delicious dishes, perfectly presented.
The Kosher Cooking Carnival is a monthy kosher food carnival, which floats around the jblogs. We serve a lot more than just recipes. You can find (and submit) posts about Jewish Law (hilchot kashrut,) kosher restaurant and cookbook reviews, traditions, menus etc.
Next month Chana is hosting KCC. Since it'll be posted a couple of weeks before Rosh Hashannah, it would be a good idea to send in holiday food and traditions, especially the growing tradion of the edible "Yihi ratzon" play on words.
If you're interested in hosting a future edition, please write to me:
Chodesh Tov
Have A Great Month!


Leora said...

Thanks for the quick linking.

Glad you have a host for a pre-Rosh Hashana post (that rhymes). I'll be thinking sweet thoughts for that KCC.

Batya said...

Thank you!
I'm always glad when new people host. And even better when great hosts like you offer repeat performances. It's good to keep expanding the group of hosts. Everyone has a different style.